Clinic Case Analysis – Anxieties among Children and Adolescents – Following Transitions

“Since we moved to a new environment,
He suffers, it is very hard to see how he changes, he is so depressed,
from a happy, sociable, and successful kid he does not leave the room,

does not want to meet friends…
We don’t know how to help him?!
We need help “
This is a short transcript of a conversation with Keren, Omer’s 12-year-old mother,
Who has experienced anxiety since moving to a new residence.
Anxieties among Kids and Teens, following changes, are very common.
Regardless of age, as human beings, we dislike uncertainty,
when something changes in our lives, it feels like somebody have pulled the rug under our feet.
In many cases it comes down to dysfunction and isolation.
This issue is a recurring one over the years and many kids and teens suffer from it,
I recorded a case analysis from the clinic with the intention to inspire everyone involved in working with children and youth, and offer a deeper understanding, for parents, of how their children can be helped.

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