Dov has a B.A. in Social Sciences, and he is an NLP Trainer. He has Specialized in Modeling with Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier at the University of California, and has then given NLP Practitioner and Master courses at Bar Ilan University, Israel, for 5 years.

Following his specialization in Modeling, Dov started implementing NLP modeling  on kids and teenagers in his private clinic, and as a result of this practical experience, he  developed a unique NLP therapy system designed for kids and teens. Based on his unique approach, , Dov founded his own NLP training courses which have been successfully running for the last 12 years.

In his book, 66 NLP Activities for Kids and Teens (2019), Dov presents NLP activities and tools accommodated to work with kids and teens facing challenges like fears, physiological, social and emotional issues, ADHD, self-esteem and so on.    

Throughout these years, Dov felt the need has arisen and grown more and more urgent for clearer practical tools specifically designed for children and teens.  It could also be that because of his personal need to heal his inner child, Dov started adapting NLP and guided-imagination techniques to children and teens’ world.

In order to offer his contribution to the populations who need it the most , for the last 10 years, Dov has been leading community projects in cooperation with non-profit organizations dealing with weaker populations.  Course participants and graduates have been implementing the learned materials with ongoing support and guidance offered by Dov and his staff. 

It’s Dov’s dream to offer his unique kids and teen program to anyone trained in NLP who wishes to help children and teenagers acquire tools that will allow them to manage their emotional world and fulfill their potential.

NLP Kids Activities

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Brain Work

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